Our Mission

Envisions International Salon & Spa sends you First Class on an individual journey of healing, self-indulgence, and ultimate relaxation. Our experienced Massage Attendants will ensure your travels through Envisions International to be the Vacation Escape that you’ll book for time and time again… Lay back, relax and just let it all go. Upon arriving at your exclusive Salon & Spa Destinations, you’ll indulge in the aromas, textures and spirit arousing atmosphere provided exclusively by Envisions International Salon & Spas. . Envisions International, let us take you there. Envisions International Salon & Spa caters to an inquisitive, adventurous clientele, eager to explore their senses and indulge in the various treatments and luxurious salon & spa services inspired from all over the World. Nestled perfectly in the heart of mid-town Colorado Springs at The Grand Satellite Resort. The breathtaking atmosphere of the salon and spa is embraced with majestic views of beautiful Pike’s Peak, Colorado. Envisions International provides an escape through an array of unique body works and elite hair design, providing exquisite international services unique to many exotic regions of the World. From the customs and traditions of Australia to Zimbabwe, our talented Masseurs, Masterful Stylists and trending Make-up and Nail Artists will guide you through your most memorable International Salon & Spa experience. Envisions International Salon & Spa, explore beyond your senses.