Breakthrough Biomineral Technology

Thoroughly researched and clinically tested our exclusive Biomineral Technology uses natural mineral sources + botanical protein catalysts to deliver what’s most important to our client’s Healthy manageable hair that is smooth, soft and strong, shines, and holds its color. Each of our HAIRBYISI hair care products contain a precise dosage of minerals and protein catalysts uniquely designed to achieve results you can see and feel. Of course our all natural shampoos and conditioners are sulfate, sodium chloride, paraben and gluten free.

How it works

Our Biomineral Technology collection combines the deep penetrating properties of minerals with botanical protein catalysts to deliver the nutrition benefits healthy hair needs. When carrier minerals like quartz, rhodochrosite, and bismuth are perfectly paired with botanical protein catalysts such as pumpkin seed protein, quinoa protein and silk protein the building blocks of healthy hair are replenished and repaired deeply within the hair shaft for lasting results.